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The mission of Oasee is to serve as a digital gateway and information hub for all students of elementary and secondary school in Switzerland.

Additionally, we will also empower teachers, who are in need of ressources to plan their lessons. In our own moodle system, we will share and collaborate togeher about what we teach and how we teach.

  • elementary and secondary school in Switzerland
  • Focus on students and their parents
  • includes and supports local teachers at local schools

Locations in...

Aarau - Schöftland - Nebikon

In the Argovian center Aarau and also in the villages of Schöftland and Nebikon, we will roll out our services in public places like libraries and cafés. This will be our meeting, consulting and education zones.

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OASEE's Vision

educate in a non profit organisation

The mission of OASEE is to provide open educational resources, which are free to use and share. To connect students and educators in the real world, we cooperate with libraries and open learning spaces. You will find us in the Swiss cantons of Aargau and Lucerne.

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Platform Development

Our History up to now

The history of OASEE as an educational company is almost 10 years old. It started in 2015, when the idea of a shared moodle system for teachers arised in Lucerne. A small group of students published their first common platform and shared it with their fellow students free of charge.

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Educators and Teachers

Give and Receive

Not only officially licensed Swiss teachers but also educators from private educational sector can work together with the OASEE community. As an educator, you will provide your knowledge and in return you improve your personal teaching abilities.

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Students of all ages

our beloved customers

As a young customer of Oasee, you will be provided with high quality materials that you need for your school. As an adult customer, we will provide you with professional support. Everybody pays a reasonable amount. Apply now for our courses.

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